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OOPS! Are your Debit Card Transactions Covered?

Have you ever been in the checkout line and had your debit card declined? If so, the OOPS! program can help. The Clarion Federal Credit Union would like to introduce the new Optional Overdraft Protection Service to our members. OOPS! is designed to cover overdrafts on your account in your time of need. Maybe your paycheck won’t post until tomorrow and you need to get a few groceries...well the OOPS! program will enable you to make the purchase.

This program is available to all members with a checking account in good standing. You just have to enroll to have your debit card transactions covered. Your savings account is your first line of defense for overdraft protection at no charge and OOPS! can be your second option. If you use your debit card without realizing you don't have the funds available, OOPS! will enable you to make the purchase. All you have to do is enroll for OOPS! and your debit card and ATM overdrafts will be approved within the guidelines of the program.

The next time life gets crazy and you miscalculate what you have available in your account, the OOPS! program will cover you and save the embarrassment of a declined debit card purchase or having a returned check. Enroll today so you can be covered by OOPS! There is no charge to be eligible for OOPS! and each item paid via OOPS! will result in a $30 per item fee. Accounts overdrawn as a result of using the OOPS! service must be brought to a positive balance within 45 calendar days. It is easy to sign up— all we need is your approval!

OOPS Coverage
I want overdraft coverage for my ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases.
I do NOT want coverage for my ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases.